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We’ve hand-picked over 150+ digital experts to help us create the best digital solutions for our clients. We only bring the best and the brightest, we’ve made collaboration into an art, and we take care of each other. To us, it’s really that simple.

Anders Homann – Senior SEO & Analytics Consultant
Senior SEO & Analytics Consultant
Anders Homann
Kirstine Lykke Sørensen
Marketing Project Manager
Kirstine Lykke Sørensen
Mads Jørgensen - UX Designer
UX Designer 
Mads Jørgensen
Senior Digital Designer
Mette Gry Schmidt
Nanna Gelineck
Senior Insights Consultant
Nanna Gelineck
Mikkel Jakobsen
Development Lead
Mikkel Jakobsen
Margrethe Karll – Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
Margrethe Karll
Kim Nyhuus – App Developer
App Developer
Kim Nyhuus

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