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The Royal Danish Theatre


Strategy, UX, Design, App development

Seamless theatre experience - an app fit for royalty

The Royal Danish Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater) has undergone an incredible transformation over the last 20 years with the addition of more scenes and a modern rebranding.

We've partnered with them to empower the customer experience for theatre visitors by solving the biggest pain points during a magic night at the theatre.

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The Royal Danish Theatre has existed for more than 250 years and was founded as the king's theatre, but with public access. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt

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The center stage of Denmark

The key stage is situated in the heart of Copenhagen with performance in the disciplines of theatre, ballet, opera and concerts. It’s an artistic attraction captivating hundreds of thousands of international visitors every year. The Royal Danish Theatre also house their famous ballet school and opera academy. The theatre has undergone a massive transformation during the last 20 years with the addition of The Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse.

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The transition from analogue to digital tickets was a big leap, but today the ticketing is simple and seamless. Photo: Klaus Vedfelt

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The Royal Danish Theatre's app simplifies your visit to the theatre and puts everything you need right at your fingertips. That's it.
Anders Skov Pape, Creative Director, Adapt
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The Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen has had its home on Kongens Nytorv since 1748.

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main hall of the opera

Ticket friction and endless queuing

The Royal Danish Theatre had the desire to support the best-in-business theatre experience with a mobile solution that would create a much smoother and easier customer experience.

Focus should be on the performance - and managing all practicalities associated with going to the theatre should be as easy as reaching down your pocket.

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In 2022, the theatre sold more than 500.000 tickets which was the second best ticket sale in the entire history of the theatre.

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A seamless solution

We've developed an app that assists the visitor with all practicalities, including information on booked performances, a wallet containing tickets or seasonal card.

It also allows for the visitor to book and pay for the upcoming performances on the go.

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Enjoyable intermission with friends and family

A signature feature can be found in the ability for guests to order refreshments in advance for the scheduled intermissions and breaks. Can it get any easier?

You simply select your favourite beverages, and when the bell rings for the intermission, you are guided to a fast track table where you’ll find your refreshments.

show receipt

Order your beverages from home, pick it up at the intermission and enjoy it with your party. 
Photo: Egon Gade

hassle-free intermission

A native app performance

Our road to choosing the right technologies for an app for the Royal Danish Theatre was paved by insights and research on three topics: current technical architecture, future roadmap and expectations to the user experience from the client.

Native app development was obvious for a client expecting high performance, quality in experience and design. Using Agillic as push notification platform was a match for the marketing ambitions and future roadmap.


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App front-end
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A simplistic app with an impressive impact. Since launch in 2019, we’ve seen a steady growth in loyalty and purchase from the most valuable theatre guests and season ticket holders.

The core purpose of the solution is enabling the visitor to focus on the performances rather than standing in line or worrying about the loss of a ticket.


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