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Scandinavian in origin, global in reach

Rooted in the picturesque neighbourhood of Christianshavn, our headquarters exhibit an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration. To extend our presence globally, we have also established offices in the United States and Lithuania. Together, we thrive, innovate, and leave our digital imprint across borders.

Copenhagen office

copenhagen office

Founded in Copenhagen

Drop into our office in Christianshavn, where a mosaic of 75 individuals from all walks of life converges. This dynamic office space hums with the energy of diverse nationalities, including the spirited Polish, the chic French, and the ever-charming Irish. And of course Danish.

Langebrogade 6A
1411 København
+45 33 41 10 50

Managing Director
Martin Povlsen

Creative Director
Anders Skov Pape

Technical Director
Christian Meisels Asmussen

Kaunas office

kaunas office inside

The Google office of Lithuania

Located close to the best technical university in Lithuania certainly pays off as we have 30 of the brightest digital minds working out of the Kaunas office. Clients visiting describe our office as the “Google Office of Lithuania”. We take that as a compliment.

Vytauto pr. 23
+370 620 60202

Managing Director
Linas Balke

Vilnius office

vilnius inside office

Digital Excellence on the top of the world

Our Lithuanian journey began in Vilnius before we expanded to Kaunas. Located in the well-known business district of Vilnius our modern office host ten dedicated tech individuals who can enjoy a skyline view over Vilnius whilst brewing a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Žalgirio g. 90
08236 Vilnius, Lithuania
+370 620 60202

Managing Director
Linas Balke

Portland office

portland office

Maritime digital business

Our US branch is located portside near the fishing piers of Old Port, in Portland, Maine. As part of the New England Ocean Cluster, our group of 19 dedicated people work daily to deliver sustainable digital experiences that help clean up the digital world. Ready to set sail, with you.

68 Commercial St
Building C - Floor 2
Portland, ME 04101
+1 207-358-8957

Managing Director
Doug Sisko

Adapt Group

Chief Executive Officer
Kresten Wiingaard Finsen

Chief Operations Officer
Tommy Davis