Sportmaster with new in-store employee app

Sportmaster, a long-time omnichannel frontrunner in Denmark, now consolidated their status with the launch of a new and improved in-store employee app, iSport 2.0. The app is developed by Adapt and has already been rolled out across stores.

Sportmaster with new in-store employee app featured image

iSport 2.0

The app which carries the name iSport 2.0 is a new version of Sportmaster’s existing employee app. It has been brought to life through a collaboration between Adapt Denmark and Adapt Lithuania.

The app will, together with Sportmaster’s webshop and the existing in-store concept, form the holy trinity of omnichannel. The Sportmaster employees operate the app from tablets as a new soft POS - here Aleksander Nilsson, Head of Tech. Development and Omnichannel comments:

“Omnichannel has for many years been in our DNA at SPORTMASTER, and although we were frontrunners 6 years ago with our current tablet solution, it was in critical need for a complete makeover. Therefore it was an easy choice to partner up with Adapt on this project, considering their efficiency and its alignment with our daily Ecom development at Adapt”.

The app, which is developed in Flutter, unites in-store and online inventory and makes it possible for employees to check product availability. This improves the customer experience by giving access to all products regardless if they are available in the physical store. As a nifty addition to this, customers are able to buy in-store and online products in one purchase. This is not only good news for customers, this is also good for business. Moreover, payments can be made in the POS app, which means no more waiting in line for the customers and a smoother and more effective operation for employees. Again, a genuine win-win.

sportmaster instore

In the spirit of effectiveness, the app also boasts a barcode scanner, which means that employees can scan products to gain information or add them to the cart. Again, this makes for a smooth shopping interaction for both customer and employee.

For the techy types out there, we went with Flutter SDK for developing the app, as it makes layouting, UI building and coding easy. With Flutter the app performs very well even on older devices. Moreover, the great development tools and the possibility to write custom platform-specific code has enabled us to access all native functionality. 

We are excited to see how iSport 2.0 will support Sportmasters omnichannel journey and we are looking forward to future collaborations.

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