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Property heritage with a modern digital presence

Jeudan is a market leader in business premises and office rental in Copenhagen. Known for exclusivity and effectiveness, they are updating their digital presence to reflect their modern and dynamic business.

historical cph black and white

Jeudan's history goes back 125 years, and today Jeudan are Denmark's largest listed property and service company.

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Top service and property management

Jeudan is a top service and property management company in Denmark with over 100,000 daily visitors, workers, shoppers, or residents in its properties. They annually invest a significant amount in maintaining, renovating, and improving their +200 properties in Copenhagen. Founded 125 years ago, Jeudan strives to preserve their properties' cultural heritage with a modern touch, enhancing usability and longevity.

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Jeudan's operations are rooted in a deep respect for historical Copenhagen.

historical copenhagen
jeudan frontpage

The challenge

Jeudan's previous website had issues with its responsive design and mobile experience, navigation, and a lackluster landing page. They wanted to improve the user experience for all segments and drive relevant traffic to increase conversions and leads.

The goal was also to create a website that showcases their business offerings and strengthens their image as an exclusively classic yet modern estate company with a deep knowhow and respect for historical Copenhagen.

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Today, Jeudan spans approximately 1 mio squaremeters primarily in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

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havnegade 21

Jeudan wanted a website that would reflect just how much work they put into making Copenhagen an attractive capital.

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website rental

Agility is key

An agile approach was taken for this project, with strategy, research, design, and development seamlessly integrated. User groups, target audience interviews and partner research was conducted to uncover the historical usage and future needs of jeudan.dk.

This data lay the foundation for the design and functionality of the new jeudan.dk. The design workshop set the visual direction, while an infrastructure workshop mapped data flows, pain points, and technical requirements.

modern kitchen

A ground pillar in Jeudan's vision is to renovate and develop properties with a sustainable lens - from intelligens lightning, to material recycling and responsible climate control.

jeudan logo grid
imagery shapes

We found inspiration for the design of the website in the window and door shapes of Copenhagen's historical buildings.

jeudan painting

A modern and exclusive website

Based on thorough research and various workshops we have designed the new website with an updated content structure with the goal to increase SEO overall. Besides this we wanted to highlight Jeudan’s competitive edge in their services with various content modules.

The estate pages are inspiring and designed with conversion in mind. Last but not least, we build an entirely new map and search area, that caters users who prefers certain neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. This of course with a mobile first approach.

mobile web views

Rebuild with care

The tech stack for Jeudan was based on a need to enrich products - the leases, and have the ability work with the business data while at the same time to present it in an,,,,,,,, aesthetic manner with an special eye for improving SEO.

This solution slides in between existing architecture at Jeudan and also feeds important data to 3rd party partners. This is some of the highlighted technologies that we used to build the new website.


Content - Frontend
PHP (Lavarel)
API services
Lavarel Nova
Data enrichment
Search Engine
jeudan worker in backyard

The results

Along with a design and a editorial brush up, a top priority in this project was to attract and collect solid leads.

With an improved IA structure, a high performing front-end, and a design that inspires, we now see the positive results in fully booked property showings.


Website visit increase
Website conversion
renovated office space

A new website build on a foundation of respect and propriety.

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