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Bolstering leaders towards a viable and thriving workplace

To employees and leadership alike, the world is spinning with change and unforeseen events. Human trust is vital if we are to combat the uncertainty it brings to our workplace. It starts with the leaders, to bolster them so they can foster a thriving, well-balanced working collective. This is where Lederne’s Core Quadrant comes into the picture.

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Workplace well-being is business critical in times of uncertainty. That’s why it’s high on Lederne’s agenda. Photo: lederne.dk

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Leadership in capable hands

Lederne is Denmark’s largest professional organization and employment union for business management and leadership.

They offer advocacy on education, networking, career advice and legal support for people who lead people. Currently, they have more than 130.000 members.

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The tool is based on the leadership model “Core Quadrant” and was developed by management consultant and author Daniel Ofman. Photo: Christian Als / lederstof.dk

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Fostering positive change

It’s easy to get caught up in the flux of crises occurring around us which make us insecure about the future in our daily lives and our work. Our well-being in the workplace is especially business critical, because success also relies on our ability to create a work life that’s in balance. Leaders can help foster this balance.

That’s why Lederne has partnered with PFA and us to develop tools that strengthen leaders' skills, promoting sustainable work, employee growth, and job satisfaction. The first digital enabler is called The Core Quadrant - a self-assessment tool that will make leaders better understand their core characteristics, how they affect others in the workplace and how they can facilitate positive change

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Photo: Christian Als / lederstof.dk

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Lederne is especially concerned with setting a right course for leaders towards a more sustainable future. Photo: Anders Rye Skjoldjensen / lederstof.dk

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Get to know your core

The Core Quadrant emphasizes the importance of identifying and balancing one's core qualities, potential pitfalls, challenges, and inspiring qualities.

It offers a unique combination of self-assessment, learning modules, and a wide range of resources to facilitate leadership development.

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Reflect and act

The interactive nature of the platform encourages users to reflect on their leadership style, identify areas for growth, and track their progress over time.

The clear goal was to make the tool easily accessible regardless of device and simple to understand and use. The solution is designed and developed with a flow-based approach, following the UX principle of one screen, one action.

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Monorepo leads the way

For this project we have chosen a monorepo (turborepo) setup as all microservice and application code is stored in a single repository,

making it far easier to share code and collaborate whilst mitigating developer issues. This results in a smoother release and easier refactoring.


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An indispensable tool

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, the need for transparent and adaptable leadership has never been greater. The new tool based on the Kernekvadranten model is poised

to become an indispensable tool for organizations looking to bolster capable leaders and employees towards a viable and thriving workplace.


Number of users engaging the Core Quadrant in 2023
Number of users completing the Core Quadrant in 2023
We’ve teamed up with Adapt, as we prioritize both speed, agility and great collaboration across all disciplines within UX, design and development. That’s exactly the type of approach we need in order to produce great digital concepts for leaders in Denmark.
Liv Majken Keil, Innovation Consultant, Lederne

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