The power of self-service apps

In the modern age of our society we have come to expect help and resolution immediately. However, at the same time when we are growing increasingly more demanding to our surroundings, we are simultaneously inventing solutions and technology to solve the needs we have.

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No hiccups, no waiting time

With the introduction of self-service technology (SST’s) we are now able to solve most of our daily tasks ourselves that otherwise previously required help from another person. We serve ourselves easily with no hiccups and no waiting time (if done right!).

Implement that technology into apps on a mobile which we carry in our pocket daily and we get true self-service power. Here’s why self-service is such a success in today’s app development.

Why is self-service such a success?


It’s just a fact that we desire control over our own lives and the actions we take to function as human beings. By having an app which gives us the power to control and perform a needed task without the help of a third party person, provide us with the sense of control we prefer. We gain the freedom and flexibility of solving our problems how, where and when we need it. Autonomy is perhaps the key factor to why self-service technology in apps has become the success it is today.


When we get the ability to service ourselves, how fast we solve our task at hand relies solely on us. It cannot get any faster than that. You’re on vacation and realize you’re late on your electricity bill. With a few clicks in your banking app you pay your bill and avoid late-fees. Fast self-served!


Biometrical security is awesome. Logging into apps or verifying your identity with your face or fingerprint adds another speedy dimension to serving yourself. 


An app can do just about anything you ask of it accessing and enabling all mobile functionality like camera, GPS and storage where it makes sense. This creates customer journeys with great user experiences which enables us to engage smarter with the world. Booking flights, choosing delivery method and tracking of our food and packages, ordering coffee with one-click. Everything is possible and we can do it ourselves when it pleases us. 


As a company, having a well-build and good looking app to support their business offerings will just add so much value to the overall user experience the customer have with your brand. 

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Why should you consider employing a self-service app solution?

In general, a business can improve the customer’s experience with their brand with the employment of self-service in their app solution. It allows for the business to have a single platform for all its services and touch-points that can be accessed and used exactly to the needs of their customers.

It’s a bit crazy to think that you can actually provide better customer service without actually personally interacting with your customers, right?


On the other hand, self-service technology also benefits the business’ workforce in the sense that it frees up time and resources for employees to either spend time on customer service cases which actually require human interaction, or doing something more productive work which benefits the business in some other way. Working smarter, not harder.

The power of self-service is very much real. It’s just a matter of realizing it the right way for your target audience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to have a conversation of where you can get started.