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This year, like most years since the dawn of handheld devices, we will undoubtedly see new trends and developments within the field of mobile and apps which will help improve and set new standards for great user experiences.

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There are plenty of scenarios where having a solid mobile strategy can become a crucial factor for businesses to grow and thrive. If you haven’t even begun to consider your approach to mobile, it is likely that you are already behind your competitors in that aspect.

Welcome to the all-things mobile universe. We have created a small archive to keep you updated on the latest focus areas, technologies and developments within mobile and apps. Pick the topic of your interest and get to it.

Technologies & App development 2023

In this article we predict which technologies we are going to see make a great impact on apps next year, and for the years to come.

Take a look in the tech crystal ball with us

The Power of Self-Service Apps

At a time when we are growing increasingly more demanding to our surroundings, we are simultaneously inventing solutions and technology to solve the needs we have. Here’s why self-service is such a success in today’s app development and business landscape.

Get to know the power of self-service apps

The importance of Accessibility

Working with accessibility means making your apps and mobile solutions usable and accessible for everyone. Let’s dig into why accessibility is important from a business value perspective in this opinion piece by Cathrine Tavs Andersen, UX Designer at Adapt.

Explore how we work with accessibility

5 tips to a smooth mobile UX experience

Whether it’s time for you to develop a new app or redesigning your existing one, Cathrine also explains, how you can ensure a smooth user experience.

Watch our 5 tips to mobile UX

What will drive the future of e-commerce?

The area of mobile will certainly play an important role for the future of e-commerce. We give our predictions to what you should consider paying attention to in 2023.

Learn about the future of e-commerce


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