An improved digital space for the good life

Age is something we all have, but nobody is reduced to only that. Ældre Sagen creates space for the good life - no matter your age.

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Ældre Sagen is a national association run by volunteers and a dedicated secretary division. More than 20.000 volunteers and a secretary division of 150 employees nationwide dedicate their time to improve the quality of life for the elderly. Ældre Sagen’s goal is to make sure everyone has the freedom and possibility to live a long and happy life by being active and equal members of society.

We’ve partnered with Ældresagen for several years now, building on a long and happy relation by having a dedicated core project team on board. Mid-march we released a new version (v. 3.5.0) of the Ældre Sagen member deals app making it easier for users to find relevant offers. The update features new filtration options and improvements to the search flow. We have improved customization features and users now have the ability to find nearby offers via the in-built map.

Not your usual suspects

We have relied on user testing and research for every major version release of the app to understand the needs of a non-typical audience.

Designing and developing for an elderly segment who are not digital natives is interesting work. Using yourself as a baseline will reveal little as research shows that this group uses and navigates mobile phones and platforms very differently.

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A digital space with easy access to the good life

A digital product is never done. It develops over time with the pace of technology and its users. Ældre Sagen Tilbud app is a good example where we, together with Ældre Sagen and their members, have developed on the app to improve their membership value over time. As a designer, I have been a part of the project since 2016, and seen the app change from fitting small screens where all features was in first view, to a more accessible browsing experience where the UI supports the users’ individual needs.
Mette Gry Schmidt, Lead Product Designer
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The initial release of the app occurred in 2016, and it has consistently been updated in parallel with the increasing digital proficiency of its users. The app currently has an app store rating of 4,5 with +28.000 votes and usage of key features within the app continues to grow year-on-year. Right now, we are working on introducing more filtration options to make the app experience even more relevant for the individual user.

Find the best offers and benefits and live the good life where age is just a number. Check out the newest version of the app now.


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