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Top-tier mobile user experiences

With our technical expertise and design creativity, we can tailor an app to address your business challenges and start building customer relationships that lasts. Exceptional user experience, included.

App: a good idea for your business?

Achieving success on the mobile platform demands a thoughtful integration of technology, solid business acumen, and an engaging user experience. However, before you jump the gun and head straight to development with your new app idea, ask yourself this: what challenge(s) will your app solve for your customers and how will it contribute to your business goals? 

We can help unravel what’s achievable on the mobile platform and how mobile technology can potentially address your business challenges, enabling you to build long-term, profitable relationships with your customers.

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Your skilled app partner

We have extensive experience from a broad  app client portfolio, and with a dedicated app team specializing in both iOS and Android development, we tailor apps that do not only impress visually, but deliver exceptional user experiences. 

We understand the importance of developing apps that are unrivaled. That’s why we take you onboard a thorough app development process, from analysis and user research, design and wireframing, development and implementation and finally optimization. This way we ensure you get a future-proofed app solution that you and your customers were looking for in the first place.

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Native & Cross-platform development

Choosing the right technology for your development can be daunting because it's a field that keeps innovating, upgrading, even battling itself. It’s often a battle of choosing native over cross-platform or vice versa. But we stand quite clear on this. We choose the user. 

That’s why we have a dedicated team for Android as well as iOS. We care deeply about the user experience and we believe that it is our knowledge of native development that enables us to advise if any given app benefits the most from being developed cross platform or natively - and we are happy to do it either way.

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The new app will be an important element in the customer journey as a whole and should secure users the best experience with the digital version of Information.
Stine Carsten Kendal, CEO, Dagbladet Information

The mobile user experience: a top priority

The user experience is a top priority for app specialists because it involves understanding user needs, creating intuitive design/UX, ensuring accessibility, and leveraging the functionalities of mobile devices. No app solution goes live before validating it meets user expectations and performs as intended. We adhere to test blueprints before actual development starts as well as ready-for-release versions on your target audience via various user tests. This way, we ensure you have optimum conditions for success on the mobile platform and that your users get the value they deserve. 

But keep in mind. Just as you as a company evolve, so will your users and their needs. Working in an agile and data-driven manner means we can learn and improve as we go along. We believe in continuous improvement, gathering user feedback that allow us to keep refining and enhancing the user experience.

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