January Event: The possibilities of digital self-service solutions

Before you go spend your well-deserved time off with your family and closest, before you pass out on the couch because the duck and sauce was simply irresistible, jot down January 17, 2023.

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Self-service, a digital enabler

At our upcoming event, you can get inspired by the possibilities and potentials a digital self-service solution can have for your business and what you’re set to gain if you are considering self-service as part of your digitalization plans.

In the time we are living in right now with a crisis upon us, the first obvious audience who are negatively affected are the consumers. But they are not alone. Inflation, higher interest rates, energy prices skyrocketing also put the digital decision makers and marketing responsibles under great pressure. 

For many, it requires new thinking on more digital fronts, and for others, the decision to transform digitally - with digital self-service potentially being a key enabler. That’s why we are going to focus on the importance of having a user friendly self-service solution - because it enables the consumers to navigate solution-oriented themselves in, for example, crisis times. And on the other hand, it can realize your digital ambitions with real impact on your business and customer loyalty.

With us on stage we are bringing our customer Andel Energi and their digital self-service solution which was created with subset in their ambition to offer green and future-safe energy solutions to benefit everyone in Denmark. A solution, which turn on our energy-saving habits and creates a solid foundation for Andel Energi’s digital ambitions for the future.

We are also inviting our good friends from Agillic on stage who will give their take on how you, as a marketing responsible, can run efficient marketing when even the marketing budgets get affected by a crisis.

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Doesn't sound too bad, right? This belated Christmas gift will be unwrapped on January 17th, 2023 at Dansk Markedsføring’s facilities in Copenhagen. Check out the full program by clicking below.

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The event will be recorded, so to you who can’t participate because you’re still weighed down in that comfortable couch we say: keep calm and watch it on-demand when you’ve managed to get up again! We’ll make sure to notify you in due time.