On Demand: Building a user-friendly self-service solution

Late January, we hosted a seminar at Dansk Markedsføring domicils together with Andel Energi and Agillic. The focus was digital self-service solutions and the possibilities and potentials such a solution can have for your business as well as what you set to gain if you're considering self-service as part of your digitalization plans. Luckily for you, we recorded our own and Agillic’s session at the event to give you a chance to learn something too. And here you are. Great!

- 14. March 2023

Session: Building a user-friendly self-service solution with substantial impact on the business

Speaker: Jesper Bitsch Østergaard, Technical Lead - Mobile, Adapt Agency

Length: 41 minutes

In this session, Jesper explains why self-service is such a popular option in today's digital landscape and he provides five tips you should consider when building a user-friendly self-service solution. To sum up in writing, the five tips are:

1. Consider what you actually want to achieve.

2. Make sure to involve target users

3. Keep af focus on the healthy collaboration

4. Rate the user experience higher than the number of features

5. String together the rig

Watch the session in Danish below.

Bonus Session - Agillic: Efficient Marketing in a time of crisis

Speaker: Rasmus Houlind, Chief Experience Officer, Agillic

Length: 27 minutes

In this bonus session, Rasmus from Agillic gives his take on how you, as a marketing responsible, can run efficient marketing when event the marketing budgets are effected by a crisis.

Watch the session in Danish below.

There's great power in digital-self service solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to have a conversation on where you can get started.

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