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Don’t let guesswork drive your decisions. In today’s fast-paced digital world, understanding your users is not voluntary - it’s a necessity.

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User delight is everything

Our expert-driven user tests provide critical insights, revealing exactly how your customers interact with your digital solution, allowing you to quickly identify areas for improvement and make grounded decisions that will keep them coming back for more. Scroll down for more insights and request a quote today.

Your goals, our expertise

Involving your desired users as test subjects for your digital product will give you tangible evidence to help you validate or improve the quality of your product, reduce potential risks and provide you with input for roadmapping future enhancements. All in all: ensuring your users get the optimum user-friendly experience.

Different user test methodologies deliver different output - it really depends on your goals and KPIs for the test, whether it’s testing how frictionless your users convert on your website, if there’s design optimizations to be made on a specific flow in your app, or if your users are able to solve their desired tasks themselves in your new self-service solution. Whatever it could be, we'll help you with scoping the success criteria for the test.

We conduct various qualitative and quantitative user tests based on what you're aiming to achieve. Below are some of our most preferred methodologies.

We came to Adapt with a problematic login and user creation flow. With the user test, we identified the most significant problems; everything from the user journey into the site from an email to the visual layout of the form. The test and Adapt's report format also gave us some clearly defined improvements and a prioritization that was easy to move forward with.
Louise Cornelia Zander Haug, Digital Project Manager, Realdania

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In-house test lab

Unlike most agencies offering user testing, we have our own in-house test lab facility at our headquarters in Christianshavn, Copenhagen. Naturally, we therefore also perform user testing more often than not, and in this way, we ensure that testing is carried out in a controlled environment and follows the required standards for data collection during user tests. Plus, there’s great coffee too!

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The typical usertest package

We’ve cobbled up a typical set-off, which acts as baseline before we meet with the client and get an understanding of their challenges and business. Note, that this is an example which only serves to give you an idea of the packages we typically create. Don't hesitate to reach out to Mads Aage K. Jørgensen, UX Director if you have questions.

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Remember WCAG 

In EU today there are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) established to make web and app content more accessible to people with disabilities and in reality, everyone. In 2025, all public and certain private companies in Denmark will have to comply with WCAG. At Adapt, this is a core practice for us and an area of expertise we can help you with.

In the redesign and division of the shared website of the Villum Foundation and the Velux Foundation, Adapt was a great support in finding direction and maintaining continuity. This was evident in the testing of the old site, and especially in user testing of the new ones, which in addition were to include advanced application portals and data. Adapt quickly grasped the value that user involvement could bring to us and converted collected data into a final product that has been useful in many contexts.
Charlotte Korsager Winther, Head of Communications, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS

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