Security first, last and always with ISAE 3402

In this age where data management has become a business critical factor, ensuring robust IT security and IT practices is a must for any company looking to outsource digital projects. But what exactly does ISAE 3402 mean, and how does it benefit clients?

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ISAE 3402 explained

ISAE 3402, an international standard, is used to audit an organization's IT conditions. This certification acts as concrete evidence that an organization adheres to stringent and safe IT management practices. Conducted by an external auditor annually, the ISAE 3402 audit verifies that an organization meets all legal requirements for IT security and consistently follows best IT practices.

Why it matters

Several motivations drive organizations to obtain ISAE 3402 certification. For some, it is a response to customer or partner demands. Others seek it to demonstrate their credibility and security to both existing and potential clients. In certain industries, this certification is mandated by legal requirements, making it an essential aspect of their operational compliance.

To us as a digital agency, ISAE 3402 is simply a strategic priority. We view maintaining a high level of security as not just a regulatory requirement but as a cornerstone of the quality service we provide to our partners, authorities, professionals, and clients. We remain committed to maintain the highest standards in IT security and operations now and always.

IT security matters

Client critical

ISAE 3402 certification is becoming increasingly important for companies, especially with stringent penalties for mishandling sensitive data. For our clients, this certification is a huge benefit as it assures them that their data is being processed and controlled correctly.

In reality, clients have an obligation to supervise their service providers. By already having ISAE 3402 certification, we make it easier for them to meet this obligation, saving them significant costs and administrative efforts associated with supervisioning.

An annual audit helps us validate our security level and quality both internally and externally – are we actually doing what we claim?
Tommy Davis, COO, Adapt Agency

Our ISAE 3402 certification is a testament to our dedication to IT security and operational excellence. It provides our customers with the confidence that their data is in safe hands, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. We are committed to maintaining these high standards and continuously improving our practices because trust is the foundation of all our current and future client collaborations.

Our latest ISAE 3402 certification was achieved in 2023 (Type 2), and preparations for 2024 are already underway. Security first, last and always. 

Read more in-depth about ISAE 3402 and our IT policy below.

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Tommy Davis, COO

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