Adapt and IIH Nordic partner up

Stronger together. By partnering with IIH Nordic we’re becoming a stronger choice, offering our clients a bigger pool of digital competences from two independent agencies who each excel in their field.

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We are excited about the collaboration with IIH. We share a common passion for data-driven decision making and have a wide range of expertise in various fields. Together, we can create new and exciting opportunities for our clients.
Anders Nissen Homann, DAI Lead, Adapt

A stronger choice

We’re always committed to design, develop and deliver tailor-made solutions that are state of the art, elevating and powering our clients’ businesses. Upholding that commitment sometimes also means exploring opportunities outside of the fold, so we can continue to meet our clients’ evolving needs. That’s why we’re partnering with IIH Nordic; to become a stronger choice, offering current and future clients more muscle from a larger array of digital services. 

With the collaboration, we’re now able to offer multiple digital competencies across design, UX, development, CDP and digital marketing, allowing us to build, integrate and advice throughout the entire digital customer journey - together with IIH Nordic, and without drawbacks clients sometimes meet when choosing a single, full-service provider. IIH Nordic are without a doubt, the go-to experts in CDP and data usage within digital marketing whilst we are bold enough to say we excel in design and development of digital solutions and user experiences. Combined, this provides our clients with a comprehensive, value-adding solution with the best consultancy and professional expertise we can imagine.

Many agencies claim they can offer both digital solutions and data-driven marketing, but customers usually have to compromise on either the solutions, data collection, or the marketing part. Customers no longer need to compromise, as we are experts in our respective areas. We can handle business-critical data, where Adapt sets it up in solutions and we can handle and use that data to improve marketing performance.
Christian Doeleman-Lassen, Director Digital Marketing Strategy, IIH Nordic
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The value of integrated solutions

Our partnership with IIH Nordic is based on great respect, and we believe we will be a stronger choice if we collaborate with transparency and flexibility on projects for clients who believe in the value that truly integrated solutions can bring to their business.

We both have very progressive workplaces with high flexibility and responsibility. Our focal point has always been in the customers' business, where we advise them on the best solutions. At the same time, we both have great agility across small, medium, and large customers.
Niels Kristian Christensen, Business Development Director, Adapt

To this date, we have already embarked on several joint projects with IIH Nordic and we plan to go-to-market together on future events and pitches in full force where there’s opportunity. Onwards and upwards.

Read more about IIH Nordic at www.iihnordic.dk.

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