New commercial leadership: Niels Kristian Christensen

We’re excited to share that Niels Kristian Christensen has joined us as new Business Development Director. Here’s why that’s good news.

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A strong commercial profile

Kristian has joined the management team in Adapt and will be taking the helm of our business development and marketing department. We’re excited about Kristian joining us, as it will undoubtedly power our commercial operation and enable us to bring our offerings to market with stronger impact. With him, we’re confident we can continue to deliver bona-fide business value to our clients, and meet our new ambitions of making sustainable movements.

Kristian has been in the agency-realm throughout his career. He brings a wealth of experience from his time at In2Media (now Charlie Tango), where he worked in both Copenhagen and New York. More recently, he held a similar position at NoA Ignite. He stands out as a strong commercial force with talent for driving meaningful business innovation and a sense for what it takes to be at the forefront in digital.

Kristian’s mixture of great personal and professional qualities makes him a perfect match for Adapt and for our clients.

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Three perspectives from Kristian

What have your professional experience taught you that you can apply at Adapt?

"Bringing perspective. Understanding clients’ businesses and, more importantly, their customers. Do great work and time it right, then good things happen. There is no silver bullet in the agency world, but a dedicated effort, bringing the right people to the table and delivering great work will always increase the chances of a long and successful relationship with our clients."

What’s your view on the challenges and opportunities our industry faces right now?

"There are no doubt challenging times ahead and times are a bit tough for clients and agencies. One of the things that excites me the most about agency life is that we get to be at the forefront of new technologies and new business ventures. We have to be extremely curious about the world, especially in how we sustain it as well as how we make sure our clients' businesses do the same."

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

"Working closely with the team to build upon the great legacy that Adapt has and setting a course for the future."

A month in, we can already say that Kristian is a great addition to the management team and our commercial department. As predicted.

Feel free to contact him directly at kc@adaptagency.com if you're interested in learning how we can enhance your digital product or service, or if you're intrigued about whether the coffee in our office is truly as great as it's reputed to be.

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