Adapt’s 25th Anniversary

Has it really been that long? How time flies when you’re having a blast developing great digital experiences.

keeping cool

1998 was an amazing year through and through

There are many reason for that (hint: see video).

But especially one happening goes straight for our heart. We were made in 1998 and today we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary! 

25 years with the best possible colleagues. 25 years of exceptional digital experience. 25 years more, please!

A huge thanks to all our clients and partners - without you, this incredible journey wouldn’t be possible.

I’m proud to be able to celebrate 25 years of unparalleled skill from the best team around and a unique family-culture united in creating the best digital experiences I’ve ever seen. It’s been an amazing journey so far.
Kresten Finsen Wiingaard, CEO, Adapt Group