Adapt hosted Hack Night by Copenhagen Rust Group

Last week on Thursday 30th of June we hosted "Hack Night" - a great meet-up by Copenhagen Rust Group where programming enthusiasts get together and share experiences and best practices with Rust programming language.

Adapt hosted Hack Night by Copenhagen Rust Group featured image

Can you hack it?

Development and programming is an integral part of Adapt, so when the opportunity came for us to host a Hack Night meet-up, we didn’t hesitate. Let's firstly try and set the stage around Rust.

What is Rust?

Rust is a language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. Rust has the goals of being fast, reliable and productive. It is a language in the C-family of languages that trades compiler time for memory safety. This removes a large majority of run-time errors (Microsoft has found that approx 70% of their errors are memory related), and also gives guarantees on thread safety.

It has been the most loved language in the yearly Stack Overflow survey for seven years running and is gaining adoption from many of the large tech companies - Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Dropbox.

The Rust system is maintained by the Rust community through a number of groups. Read more about Rust

Why have a meet-up about Rust?

Many languages and frameworks have a thriving community. Rust is no different. Rust has a number of conferences, since Covid mostly online, and many smaller communities that arrange meetings.

The Copenhagen Rust Group is one of these. They hold meet-ups every month. These meet-ups give you a chance to listen to talks on Rust and usage of it, and not least a chance to chat with other Rust-users, network and hack on stuff.

Adapt has adopted Rust as a language for datalayers for especially mobile apps. These are systems collecting data from many sources and delivering them to the app. Rust with its type system and safety guarantees fits this niche very well. So we are proud to host a number of the meet-ups thereby giving a bit back to the community.
Henrik Tougaard, Senior Developer, Adapt

Lastly, as a new initiative, we decided to record the two spokespeople we had on stage last Thursday to give you an opportunity to dive into some great Rust content. We had Simon Rasmussen from Fiberplane talk about WASM and WAT the fp-bindgen as well as David Pedersen from Embark Studios talking about Axum. You can watch their talks on our YouTube channel.