Rust - programming langauge for performance & productivity

Rust is a programming language which many companies around the world uses, from startups to large corporations. The greatest thing about Rust is that it is a programming language designed for performance, safety, and productivity. The focus on safety makes it an excellent programming language that we like to use for projects.

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Performance, Reliability and Productivity

There are many reasons why Rust is a great programming language but three of them stands out. Performance, reliability, and productivity is where Rust particularly shows it worth and that’s also why we like Rust as a programming language.


Performance is where Rust outperforms. Rust is both fast and memory efficient with a no runtime and garbage collector which among other things makes it possible to power performance critical services. 


Rust is extremely safe. With a rich type of system and ownership model Rust guarantees memory-safety and thread-safety. This makes it possible to remove many bugs at compile-time which we know we are not the only ones thinking is a big advantage. 


Rust is that very productive. Not only does Rust have superior documentation and a friendly complier. Rust also has top-notch build tool, an integrated package manager and a smart multi-editor support.

The Reason why Rust is so Popular

Rust’s popularity is growing and there are many reasons to it. Rust can solve difficult problems like memory errors that developers are struggling with. Rust is not only able to solve problems like memory errors but also concurrent programming and that’s two of the biggest benefits about Rust. It is also worth noticing that some of the biggest software like Dropbox and Firefox uses Rust programming language.

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