Adapt and Kommunikation og Sprog partner up for website project

Kommunikation og Sprog has chosen Adapt as agency partner for a new mobile-first website aimed at members, volunteers and potential new members and the work has already begun.

Kommunikation og Sprog is a union with roughly 8.000 members. Many of these are volunteers who, with much dedication, arrange and facilitate relevant events for all members. At Adapt, we’ve been lucky and talented enough for Kommunikation og Sprog to choose us to develop a brand new mobile-first website and with a strong focus to improve the digital experience for the three end-user segments; members, volunteers and potential members. Emphasising the user-centric approach, the project has already been kicked off with user tests carried out with volunteers, members and potential members as participants.

As part of the website we are building a new member universe. Through this members will be able to access a job bank with relevant job postings, book career counseling sessions and explore content with professional relevance. Furthermore, we are integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Here, volunteers can set up events, which will be displayed on the website for members to sign up.

A UI-tiful experience

To create a lively, personal and less static user experience, we are crafting a custom Q&A-flow based on conversational UI-principles. Instead of reading and roaming around the site a lot, users will be able to interact with the site by answering questions. Based on the answers relevant info, content or even a registration form will be generated. This way the user is doing less, but is guided better.

Content is king

A cliché, you say? We agree, but for a good reason. It’s true - content is king. That’s why we are building the new Kommunikation og Sprog-website in Statamic. Basically, the website consists of a bunch of content modules, which are easily managed and moved around by editors. The flexibility of the content modules is key, as Kommunikation og Sprog produces a lot of content for the different user-segments and a big part of their product is sharing knowledge and information on a wide array of career and job-related subjects.

The project is already under way and we are excited to work with Kommunikation og Sprog. If you would like to explore more of the work we've done, go see our collaborations.

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