Optimize your website with user tests

We have our very own User Lab. It’s where we conduct the wide variety of user tests we do for our clients. We turn to user tests to support both our strategic and creative decisions and ensure that everything we design and develop actually works for your users. We test to understand, so we can improve. And then we repeat. Below you can read more about the different types of user tests we perform.

Think-aloud test

We conduct user tests as a standardized think-aloud test, involving six test subjects from your target audience. The test subjects carry out specific test assignments within a given area, which we determine together.

Digital User Panel

At Adapt, we can help you establish your very own digital user panel with the opportunity to invite users to test ideas, designs, or concepts. It's easy and can be done at all stages of your process.

Focus Group

Focus groups are assembled to uncover opinions, habits and prejudices about your brand. We gather the right people and ask the right questions, then we collect, analyze, and deliver action-oriented reports.


Are you launching a new service, entering a new market, or have your core segments changed? We use interviews to uncover the blind spots and help decode the needs of your customers.

Joint Public User Test

Digital accessibility is the hype of the time. It’s essential for public self-service solutions. Joint Public Testing is mandatory for all mandatory self-service solutions, and we are fully prepared to handle them quickly and efficiently.

Want to know more about user tests?

We have conducted more than 1000 user tests for our customers, which have created great value for their businesses. Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help you perform professional user testing on your digital solution.