The low-down on Commercetools and why we work with it

Commercetools call themselves the commerce platform for innovators and visionaries. It’s quite a promise, and it’s no mean feat that they’re actually able to deliver on that statement. It’s especially impressive that they stay relevant in the rapid development we’re seeing in ecommerce these years, which is part of the reason why we’re working with Commercetools. Another reason is simply that it’s an incredibly solid commerce platform.

The Promise

In the words of Commercetools themselves: 
“Increase business agility and innovate across new business models. Build your commerce architecture of the future with the most flexible, cloud based commerce API solution on the market.”

The Platform

Commercetools is a highly scalable cloud platform with a flexible commerce API. This supports headless commerce, and microservice-based architecture, and offers a wide range of integrations, making it ideal for creating real omnichannel customer experiences.

We believe Commercetools is a very strong platform choice for omnichannel focused companies who need speed and flexibility to scale their ecommerce ambitions

Klaus Jespersen Kolding Director, Ecommerce

The whole package

In short, Commercetools offers a cloud-based platform that offers everything that modern ecommerce requires. The ecommerce functionalities are decoupled services, such as PIM, cart & order management, marketing and promotions, payments, and internationalisation, all functioning detachedly. Optimizations and new features are regularly being launched and are directly available. And lastly, Commercetools is open for integration, for both backend systems and digital experience platforms. 

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