Agile, Flexible, and Scalable

Our aim is to collaborate with clients to enhance their digital presence through a setup that embodies agility, flexibility, and scalability. To achieve this, we leverage the latest best-of-breed technologies and prioritize an API-first approach.

Exploring your digital potential with modularity in mind

Rather than binding you to a single suite-vendor, we take the time to understand your unique needs, critical business factors, and digital potential. By leveraging top-tier microservices from a vast ecosystem of vendors, we construct a scalable and agile tech foundation, promoting autonomy for innovation in response to changing times and trends.

This approach aligns with the accelerated shifts in customer behavior and the need for continual organizational and technological transformations. We utilize modern tech principles, following a MACH architecture approach (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-based, and Headless), to construct a modular tech stack that can continuously evolve to meet customer expectations and adapt to an ever-changing future.

That said, we don’t invariably shy away from suite-vendors. If it’s the best way to go for you, that’s what we do.

Modus Operandi

Although every project is unique, we have a tried-and-tested method of operation that provides clarity on our approach. Our aim is to inspire trust in this process, which is essential for a successful outcome. Get an understanding of the process we aim to take you through.

Interdisciplinary Teams

With more than 140 digital specialists in the Adapt-stable, we cover a wide variety of digital disciplines such as UX & Digital Design, Digital Marketing & SEO, Development and Data Insights & User Research.

We firmly believe that the most memorable digital solutions and user experiences are born from our cross-functional expertise.

We use an interdisciplinary team approach to collaborate towards achieving your digital project goals. With a dedicated team of experts, we establish your project's core digital foundation and supplement with necessary resources as required while maintaining the same core team that understands your organization and business needs.

Tech Stack

Our approach is supported by a contemporary and best-of-breed tech stack. This allows us to turn theory into practice when building agile and scalable digital platforms. The stack may be updated regularly, and that's exactly the point.

Current preferred technologies for a modern best-of-breed tech stack

And for a more traditional approach we are comfortable with

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