Powerful digital user experiences in partnership with Siteimprove

We have entered into a strategic partnership with Siteimprove to bolster the digital user experience for private companies and public institutions.

Siteimprove's here

Siteimprove is a privately owned Danish software company, which, for a number of years, has positioned itself as a global market leader in software. Siteimprove Intelligence Platform provides businesses with tools to enhance their digital presence through effective user experience management on their websites. It includes quality assurance of content, web accessibility, web analytics and search engine optimization.

A collaboration to create better user experiences

We believe that data and user-driven design are paramount in the development and optimization of digital solutions.

Siteimprove's tools are extremely user-friendly for those who may not be expert users in other analysis tools. In addition, focusing on the quality of the content, the analysis and SEO tool provides a 360 degree view of the situation on a website. It is a tool where content editors and marketing managers can work together - in the same tool.

Easily integratable

Siteimprove can easily be integrated with just about any CMS or project management system, making both the processes and workflows easier and more effective, all at once.

"The strength of the cooperation lies in our expert knowledge of digital user experiences and digital solutions - combined with Siteimprove's solid tool package, offering editors and marketing people easy and user-friendly access to knowledge about the use of their digital solution. In this way, we can help our customers to get as much as possible out of the data already out there.", Rikke Frelle, Managing Director in Adapt