Closing in on the perfect user experience with React

Users expect a consistent experience across all devices. We work with React to build advanced solutions that support both the possibilities of modern web browsers and allow for full integration with well-known Content Management Systems.

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About React

In our eternal quest for the perfect user experience, we often pair React with our content management systems. We harness the power that both systems bring to the table - the power of the underlying CMS React, and the highly dynamic JavaScript, that allows us to give the users that ‘app feeling’, with instant feedback and high performance. We work with systems that are extremely stable, with a proven track record of over a billion users.

Assets/benefits of React:

  • The most popular JavaScript framework in the world

  • React is fantastic for building User Interfaces

  • User interface and interaction are defined as components that can be recycled

  • React gives the user the experience of interacting with an application

  • Decoupling user interface from backend system, providing extended service life and greater flexibility

  • React is easy to integrate with other tools to build an optimal user experience