Lightning fast Ecommerce with Next.js

Next.Js is a React framework for developers which we are very fond of at Adapt. It gives a great developer experience and contains all kinds of features. A lot of the world's leading companies like Netflix, Ticketmaster and Starbucks use Next.Js. Let us tell you why we do too.

rasmus working

Next.Js: The React Framework

A reason why we are passionate about Next.Js when building React application is because it can put you in the pit of success. Next.Js have the best developer experience and tons of built-in features which probably is why many of the world’s leading brands uses it.  Next.Js is also a React framework which can solve many problems when developers build a complete web application.

All-in-one kit for ecommerce sites 

We find Next.Js perfect for ecommerce sites who just started their digital journey. Next.Js is an all-in-one React starter kit for ecommerce sites with high performance. We especially like the focus on Performance which of course is essential for online shoppers. This also means that speed needs to be prioritized which Next.Js is very aware of. The fact that sites become more and more complex creates a need for performance insights and upgrades which Next.Js offers continuously.

The future is Next.Js

At Adapt we see Next.Js as a modern best-of-breed tech and as a future framework which many companies would have benefit of using. Next.Js is smart enough to only load the CSS and JavaScript necessary for the page and that is why it refreshes very fast. On top of that it is outstandingly SEO and user-friendly. Overall a very complete and ideal React framework.