Supporting digital empowerment for women with refugee and migrant backgrounds

For some time we have been supporting ReDi School of Digital Integration Copenhagen as a collaborating partner, facilitating space for their free tech education courses to women with refugee and migrant backgrounds. A great honor for us and a topic worth sharing.

- 29. July 2022

ReDi School of Digital Integration was founded in 2016 and is a non-profit tech school providing access to digital education for free. They are located in Germany, Copenhagen, Sweden and online. Their Copenhagen branch is specifically working to create digital empowerment for women with refugee and migration backgrounds. The aim is to prepare and accelerate womens’ personal and professional potentials by strengthening their digital competencies and using businesses and volunteer educators to broaden their social and professional network.

We have been a collaborating partner of ReDi in Copenhagen since the beginning of 2021 facilitating space for relevant courses in the spring and autumn semesters. We opened our doors to tech-curious women after working hours on every Tuesday from March to the end of June. The classes were focused on User Centered Design (User Experience and User Interface) - not an unfamiliar field of expertise. In 2021, we also hosted a company day visit for ReDi students where we dedicated a full day with selected specialists giving insights to how Adapt works. It was a great way for the students to experience how theory and digital skills apply in professional practice and get a feeling for the everyday working life in a digital agency. In 2022 we continue to facilitate space for ReDi’s Spring and Autumn courses with specific focus on User Centered Design.

It means a lot to have Adapt open up their space for new learning and inspiration. Especially because it is such a creative, lively and interesting work space. By coming to Adapt on a weekly basis, our students often feel more confident and at home in the Danish business world and society.

Anne Aaby Hansen, Co-leader at ReDi School Denmark

We believe IT and tech should be for everyone - no matter the background. If there’s an interest to learn that should be reason enough to facilitate ReDi’s initiatives and make digital more tangible. In a modern society that becomes more digitized as each day goes by, we feel we have a responsibility to take part and offer what we can to the curious and enable them for their professional and societal future in Denmark.

We want to continue supporting ReDi School of Integration Copenhagen to the best of our ability. The future is digital - that’s a guarantee. And IT and tech skills are needed for everyone both at home and at work.

We encourage you to check out the ReDi School. There are many ways to support and get engaged.

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