Klarvinduer chooses Adapt as digital partner

Klarvinduer, who sell windows and doors directly to the consumers, has established themselves as an affordable and effective alternative to traditional suppliers in this field. Now, in collaboration with Adapt, they are looking to grow their market position further by strengthening their digital presence.

Quality at affordable prices, transparency in production and sustainability are some of the trademarks for Klarvinduer. Add to that a high degree of flexibility in offerings - Customers are able to design windows and doors themselves and likewise they can choose to provide measurements and carry out the installment of the products on their own or have professionals handle this - and then you have some of the reasons why Klarvinduer have had a somewhat disruptive effect in their market. Now, they are looking to conquer even more market territory by powering through in the digital realm.

This is where the partnership with Adapt comes into play. Starting now, klarvinduer and Adapt will collaborate on multiple digital projects.

At Adapt, we are very excited for the opportunity to work with a prosperous brand like Klarvinduer and we are just as excited for when we will be able to be a little less secretive and share what we are working on with Klarvinduer.


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