Jeudan goes with Adapt for website renovation

Jeudan specializes in leasing office spaces to companies and is the largest listed Danish service and real estate company. Now, they are joining forces with us, at Adapt, to re-build their website.

At Adapt, we are already quite familiar with Jeudan, as we have been supporting the service and real estate company with surveys and their digital marketing activities for some time now. Therefore, we are really delighted to expand the collaboration to also include a refurbishment of Jeudans website. 

According to Line Gadegaard Rasmussen, Marketing & Communications Director at Jeudan, they are intensifying their focus on digital presence at the moment, which is why the partnership with Adapt is being solidified right now.. 

“All contact points across the customer journey are decisive for our business and brand. Therefore, we are now directing an increased amount of attention towards our digital platforms, which are in line for a significant upgrade. With Adapt, we have a digital partner that understands our ambitions and business. We are excited about the collaboration,”  

The project is already well under way and has been kicked off with a rather extensive research phase, in which we have carried out interviews with users, focus group interviews and sent out questionnaires to gain knowledge on the existing user experience and how to optimize This is key as one of the most important project end goals is to improve the conversion potential for Moreover, we are shaking things up when it comes to editorial content and the editorial experience. The users will benefit from this as it will lead to more inspiring and compelling content pages and Jeudan-editors will too as the editorial process is being optimized from an aesthetic standpoint and in terms of effectiveness.

Even though it’s still early days, we are head over heels excited with this project and we can’t wait to dive even more into it. 

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