Hjem-Is Chooses Raptor for a data drive approach

Laying the foundation of a customer data driven approach to marketing, both on and off-site is one of the most exciting things we get to do 💫 We look forward to continue our cooperation with Hjem-Is - now with a strong platform as Raptor.

- 25. March 2022

Raptor pronounses; 
"Hjem-IS has long been a household name amongst ice cream lovers across Scandinavia, and in 2022 they plan to elevate their unique customer experience beyond the famous sound of their ice cream trucks.  
With the CDP, Hjem-IS will be solving the challenge of unifying customer data across platforms, so they can get to know their customers and recognize them from everywhere.

Web Personalization and E-mail & Triggers help Hjem-IS meet their customers with well-timed, personalized recommendations that inspire them to make a purchase from their digital ice cream shop.  
“Raptor helps Hjem-IS tackle the challenge that is unifying customer data from many sources. In the near future, we will be able to unify data from our ice cream trucks on the roads with our online platforms. By recognizing our customers and their habits, we can meet them with personalized experiences that inspire brand-new customers and lifelong ice cream lovers alike." - Hjem-IS.
With excellent consulting from our trusted partners Adapt, we look forward to supporting Hjem-IS on their new personalization solutions and towards their business goals".

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