Adapt & SYNLAB designs new Corona-website, giving more Danes access to tests

The week before Easter, Adapt got a call from SYNLAB Digital Medical Services. On their hands they had a task with great societal impact. One week was all they had to finalize the new coronaprover.dk for Danske Regioner og Sundheds- og Ældreministeriet and thereby increase the test capacity dramatically.

Adapt & SYNLAB designs new Corona-website, giving more Danes access to tests  featured image

SYNLAB already had the IT infrastructure in place, so Adapts role was to help design a user-friendly and intuitive user interface for coronaprover.dk - we are proud of the result and what we contributed to create - A digital solution of great socital importance in just one week.

On the new Coronaprover.dk it is possible to book time slots for corona tests. The website managed to take the pressure of the phone lines by giving the Danes easy acces to booking tests in all tests centers spread acros the country. All part of the mission to increase the number of Danes getting tested for corona and to track and fight the spreading of the virus.

Chief Information Officer with SYNLAB Medical Digital Services, Jesper Nykjær Nikolajsen, had this to say about the collaboration.

"It ws really important for us to get help with UX and design in high quality and in a very short time. The project demanded a lot of extra ressources and specialised compentencies. That's why I decided to contact Adapt, whom we already had a good and established collaboration with. They reacted really fast and through close collaboration they managed to produce top professional deliverables on all parameters."

One week later, SYNLAB went live with the solution and now more Danes have access to tests. 

“It is crazy what you can create in a week, if everyone works relentlessly towards a collective goal. It's been an incredible agile process, where we designed and mapped out user flows, while SYNLAB's developers was coding the solution. And all this while working remote, of course," says UX Director from Adapt, Heidi Jørgensen.

Usability and easy-to-understand communication

To create a digital solution for all daness to access when booking a Corona test is by no means a triviel task. 

It is no easy task to create something that all Danes understand As Senior Digital Designer, Mette Gry Schmidt narrates.

"Our Focus has been to make the user interface as simple as absolutely possible, while leading the users through the booking flow in friction-less fashion and as fast as possible. All Danes must be able to understand how to operate the website and carry out a booking. To create security and recognisability for the users we have chosen a design similar to the one of Sundheds- og Ældreministeriets other digital platforms" 

Through coronaprover.dk millions of tests has been booked.

Learn more about SYNLAB's take on the task and the different societal and health related apects or check out the platform coronaprover.dk