Clear the front page! - Informations app is now live

It’s a great time to be a newsreader. With Dagbladet Information’s new app release it has never really been easier to subscribe and consume your preferred news how and when you want.

- 15. August 2022

At Adapt we love news and journalistic content. So when we got the chance to develop Dagbladet Information’s new digital platform we didn’t hesitate for one second. It’s been a meaningful, collaborative partnership and a fun process in bringing the new app to life.

We took a user-centric approach to this project with different methodologies to understand what requirements there were in developing a platform which creates and empowers the good reading- and listening habits in news consumption audiences. What is a good news experience and what functionalities are of utmost importance when acquiring new subscribers, and retaining them on the platform? These were some of the burning questions we have tried to solve in the app.

The visual identity of Information has just recently changed to represent the newspaper’s new and clear direction and the app design is a visualization of exactly that. With this app we believe Information will stand stronger through their growth journey into the digital era of news consumption.

Version 1.0.1 of Dagbladet Information’s new app is now available and we will continue to support and optimize the platform to ensure the media outlet’s subscribers get the best news experience possible. More to come!

You can find the app on your preferred app store - jump right in and start your new journalistic experience already today.

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