Bigcommerce launches BtB ecommerce platform. Heres why you should check it out

Bigcommerce has been roaming within the field of both B2B and B2C commerce for quite some time, but now, just recently, they launched their updated B2B ecommerce platform packed with neat features. And the time is ripe. According to a recent study by Mckinsey 8 out of 10 B2B Leaders now say that digital and omnichannel sales services are on par with traditional sales or even more effective in producing extra revenue.

This highlights that digital transformation is happening at a rapid speed for B2B organisations and B2B commerce opportunities are now seen as a necessity to gain a competitive advantage rather than just an extra sales channel. Basically, the more intuitive and easy you can make the B2B customer experience the higher revenue your company will see with self service being one of the most important elements in this strategy.

At Adapt, we are currently seeing an acceleration in companies looking into new B2B ecommerce platforms and here it can be tough to find a fitting solution in a sea of platforms.

Believe us, over the years we have seen all sorts of platforms and B2B software. Some solutions are very focused on solving very niche problems for individual B2B segments and others apply a broader scope and can be modified to fit individual needs. Sadly, most B2B ecommerce platforms look like something you will find in DOS or an old rusty ERP system.

There is no right or wrong choice, it all depends on what you need, but we believe we have now found a really promising new B2B ecommerce platform that comes with the features that you need to run a B2B ecommerce business, while still being able to deliver the customer experience at the same level you would expect from the best companies in the B2C segment. Allow us to introduce Bigcommerce.

Bigcommerce is a cloud ecommerce platform powered by modern APIs and an extensive feature catalog. Basically, you are able to get tons of features while still maintaining full freedom to build on top of the platform. This is not something we often see in other B2B platforms, where you more often than not collide with constraints of the product.
On the contrary, with Bigcommerce you are able to customize any sort of customer experience using the latest technology and let Bigcommerce take care of the heavy lifting of ecommerce backend operations. At the same time editors are given a great interface to easily manage their daily business and optimisation tasks. 

Bigcommerce B2B comes with the following features out of the box, that we believe are highly helpful for many types of business segments.

  • Advanced B2B friendly shipping setups
  • Corporate Account Management
  • Sales Representative Masquerade
  • Sales Representative Quoting
  • Shared Shopping Lists
  • Customer Account Order History
  • Payment Method Visibility Control
  • Buy Again
  • Quick Order Pad
  • Invoice Portal
  • Company Address Book Management
  • Wholesale Customer Approval Process 

These core capabilities allow users to easily manage front-end and back-end B2B processes out of the box.
And with Bigcommerce you are given the flexibility to use all the features from the B2C platform at the same time while still maintaining the freedom to customize. In fact 90%  of the BigCommerce platform data is exposed to APIs and with 400+ API calls per second, you can sync data with any 3rd-party tool in your digital ecosystem. The wide variety of features, which can be mixed and matched and the flexible and scalable nature of Bigcommerce means that the platform is a good fit for most businesses and can obtain the needs of businesses with a high digital maturity as well as those who are just now starting to enter this landscape. 

Curious about learning more?

If you are looking for a smooth B2B ecommerce platform with tons of features but also the flexibility to create your own custom user experience and integrate with your remaining tech stack then Bigcommerce is something you should consider. As we now have several developers certified and have experience with complex setups feel free to reach out to us to learn about our experience with Bigcommerce.<

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