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Stateta BroFuel - B2B self-service platform

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Stateta, a Lithuanian wholesale and retail fuel distribution company. Established in 1999, Stateta grew into one of the leading fuel providers in Lithuania.

Recognizing the potential of their BroCard loyalty program, which has already been adopted by over 1,200 companies across Europe, Stateta aspired to elevate their user experience by providing their business clients with advanced tools and optimizing client experience.


The Challenge

The first milestone of our collaboration was to sunset the legacy self-service system within the BroCard loyalty program and make way for a new, enhanced, intuitive, and robust digital solution. We rose to the challenge!

Stateta self-service login page

The Process

The client prioritized launching with absolute assurance that the critical features for their B2B users would work flawlessly and that the transition from the old system to the new would be seamless for users. This emphasis streamlined our argument for adopting prototyping and agile methodologies.

Consequently, we concentrated on multiple prototyping stages to validate and synchronize with the client's expectations.

Further iterations were tailored according to the prioritized list and the predetermined timeline leading up to the firm launch date. This approach fostered mutual understanding and expectations, culminating in a robust final product.

Stateta self-service dashboard

The Solution

We developed the front end of the self-service platform prioritizing user-friendly navigation. Alongside this, we implemented an admin panel tailored for comprehensive control, complemented by a manager-specific panel to cater to their unique needs. Additionally, we also implemented a payment system.


Next.js 13 / React / useSWR
Front-end stack
Tailwind CSS
CSS Framework
PHP / Symfony / MySQLdb / Redis
Back-end stack

What’s next?

Although we've only recently launched, our commitment to enhancing the system continues. We're in the process of devising new features, including for other user roles participating in this ecosystem.

This is merely the start of a strategic partnership. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates ahead!

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