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Revolutionizing Remote Learning, stands as Lithuania's largest remote learning platform dedicated to enhancing the professional qualifications of educators. Boasting a user base of over 45,000 teachers across all municipalities of Lithuania, has become an indispensable tool in the professional growth and development of the country's educational workforce.

English teache learning remotely

In collaboration with a network of over 80 lecturers, has facilitated more than 1,700 academic hours of remote instruction, reflecting their commitment to continuous learning and vital role in the education sector.

Pedagogas brand

The challenge

Navigating the multi-layered complexities of this project was a threefold endeavor. In essence, our challenge was to transform from a functional remote learning platform into an innovative, user-centric hub that was as technically robust as visually compelling.

A tall order, but one we were excited to take on.

Remake of website on mobile screen

New visual identity

First, we were tasked with rejuvenating the platform's visual identity. The client and their users craved a more intuitive and engaging user experience (UX), and it was clear that a complete design overhaul was in order.

The existing visual landscape had become outdated and needed more aesthetic and functional sophistication than today's digital users demand. It wasn't just about aesthetics but about creating an interface that was seamless, easy to navigate, and visually appealing to boost user engagement and satisfaction. frontpage redesign

Renewed e-commerce model

Second, the client had a critical commercial objective - to enhance their e-commerce model, focusing on client retention and upselling additional services. This would require us to delve deep into consumer behavior, understand user paths and preferences, and strategically embedding opportunities for upselling within the user journey.

It wasn't merely about selling more but building value for the users and ensuring they felt a sustained connection to the platform, ultimately driving loyalty. mobile screens

Old backend system

Finally, the third and perhaps most technical challenge was sunsetting the old backend system. It had served its purpose but was now clearly past its prime in terms of its technological capabilities and performance handling.

We needed to bid goodbye to the old and usher in a new era of advanced technology, ensuring the backend was as robust and agile as the front-facing user interface was intuitive and engaging. This involved not just swapping out old systems but ensuring a seamless transition for the end-users.


CSS Framework
PHP framework
Laravel package
Administration panel website on all devices

The solution and development process

Implementation and Impact

  • 01


    The implementation process of the complex project was conducted in carefully orchestrated stages.

  • 02


    Enhanced design and improved functionality have increased user engagement and transactional to subscription-based conversion.

  • 03


    Positive results were observed even during traditionally low season, highlighting the platform's effectiveness.

  • 04


    The new system was successful in handling substantial live streams and providing clear paths to necessary material.

  • 05

    Success metrics

    Success is measured through metrics and positive user feedback.

  • 06


    The client's trust resulted in the assignment of migrating two more of their supplementary products.

  • What’s next?

    Our forward trajectory involves defining the roadmap for the future educational seasons, shaped not only by the shifting landscape of remote learning and the advent of new technologies but also by the valued feedback and insights from our substantial user base.

    In this evolving partnership, we remain dedicated to sustaining the momentum we've built and accelerating it, guiding our clients and their users toward greater heights in the ever-advancing realm of digital education.

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