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Julia B's Magical World of Handmade Luxury

Julia B is a distinguished brand specializing in the design, production, and sale of luxury linen and home furnishings. Known for its unique customization options, the brand has earned renown for crafting luxurious handmade home products.

Offering a diverse collection that seamlessly combines elegance and whimsy, Julia B provides over sixty customizable bedding and tabletop designs, along with carefully curated selections such as curtains, towels, bath essentials, baby items, and unique gifts.

The brand ensures that clients can discover personalized elements to enhance their living spaces. Julia B's dedication lies in making homes uniquely beautiful and reflective of individual styles and preferences.


The Challenge

Our focus was on elevating Julia B's website by enhancing the user experience and user interface, with a primary emphasis on refining the product customization flow to drive increased sales.

A critical aspect was rectifying the significant gap in transactions between mobile and desktop users, as mobile visitors constituted over 50% of the audience. Another challenge was to specifically improve the mobile experience and bridge the transaction disparity.


The Process

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    Discovery Phase

    Conducted workshops using HMW and Empathy mapping to identify customer pain points and set project goals.

  • 02

    Analysis Reports

    Established and described current metrics, pinpointing the priority – the bedding and tabletop product customizer.

  • 03


    Crafted wireframes, iteratively presenting and refining until an optimal customizer flow was determined.

  • 04


    Implemented custom code into the Shopify theme, providing the client with extensive product configuration flexibility.

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    The Solution

    We introduced specialized customizers for the Bedding and Tabletop categories, each meticulously designed to provide users with a seamless and personalized product customization experience. These customizers not only amplify the user experience but also add a layer of sophistication to the overall design of the website. Simultaneously, we rolled out comprehensive improvements across the entire site, focusing on aspects such as navigation, responsiveness, and visual appeal.

    You can check the Julia B. website here.


    Vue JS / React JS / Shopify Liquid
    Front-end stack
    PHP / Laravel / postgresql
    Back-end stack

    What’s next?

    Next on our agenda is enhancing the customization flow for products in the remaining categories, refining SEO strategies, and expanding our customer reach to align with the growing number of transactions.

    Additionally, we aim to assess our achievements, conduct real-user testing, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to further optimize our processes.

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