Laravel Nova - beautiful and effective dashboards

Laravel Nova is simply an administration dashboard for Laravel applications which is both beautiful and effective. The many features and beautiful design make Laravel Nova a great administration panel for dashboards.      

A Single-Page Application

Nova is built with Laravel and Vue.Js and is a single-page application which is modern and customized. You can easily add Nova administration panel to your existing Laravel application. You don’t even have to touch your Eloquent model. When you configure Nova resources for each model, you are basically ready to go. The way Laravel Nova is fast to implement and easy to use makes it a top-tier administration panel in our eyes.

Smooth and Beautiful Administration Panel

Laravel Nova is far from cumbersome and clumsy. It is an easy and smooth administration panel for Laravel applications which is beautiful to look at if you ask us. The beautiful and cool design is also customizable and user-friendly which we think is important to highlight. The setup and design make generally Nova Laravel a delightful and effective administration panel.

Best-In-Galaxy Features    

Nova Laravel has many great features in our opinion. A feature like resource management makes integration of models to your dashboard possible. With Nova it is possible to manage underlying database records if you use Eloquent. Nova makes this possible by letting you define Nova resources which corresponds to each Eloquent model in the application.

Among other features you find filters. This way you can make custom filters to offer your customs fast glances at different segments of the data. Another great feature is metrics. We think that metrics is one of the most usable features in Nova Laravel. With metrics you can generate three graphs in no time which is amazing. These features are only a part of all the incredible features you see in Nova Laravel.