Laravel is scalability and security, wrapped in near-infinite customization

Laravel is a strong kid in class within PHP frameworks. Laravel has become popular and seen a passionate community rise to support it and there are several good reasons for it.

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What is Laravel? 

Laravel can be summed up with a slew of wonderful buzzwords, such as Rapid Development MVC compliant framework. Laravel is based on Symfony and can use the same packing system. It opens up for a near infinite resource of different code components that can be used and adapted to your project.

Laravel is the best solution available to build a SaaS or a RESTful API, just to name a few, that can deliver data to your frontend- or mobile apps, but Laravel can do much more than that, because with Laravel you can also build full-size web pages or web portals.

Laravel is built to scale according to your needs. Laravel uses Job Queues, Caching and Events, where the individual components can relieve and communicate with each other. It’s a tool that can help you communicate and respond to your customers' needs.

Laravel is based on proven code and is continuously optimized to run on the latest versions of PHP. It provides both ongoing security and performance updates. The team behind Laravel is also very active on several Laravel forums, listening very much to input from developers and often asking for input for new functionality. Less bureaucracy, more nice features.

The tech’ier part of Laravel

The Laravel distribution comes with a number of built-in components, including Eloquent ORM (Active Record Implementation), Blade (templating engine), Authentication + Authorization, Events, Job Queues, Caching, Unit-testing, and even versioned database structure.

Everything organized in a modular structure, so it’s easy to supervise, develop and extend. Even the documentation in Laravel is exceptional, giving developers an understandable and easy access to the code structure.

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Laravel in Adapt

Adapt has a dedicated crowd of developers who have a very passionate approach to Laravel. Our developers have developed both SaaS and APIs, and webpages both to interact with end users, and to handle heavier business logic that requires stability and performance. Adapt can tie the entire user journey together from design, UX, and UI to empower your ideas. With Laravel you can quickly see the first prototypes - and easily edit and streamline your code.

A powerful platform driven by the community

The Laravel community is growing and has gained impressive traction in the developer community. With the new features in PHP7, speed and scalability have been massively improved, and Laravel has now easily overtaken other frameworks, like NodeJS.

We have worked with Laravel on Sygesikring Danmark, Vigo (Rema), and used it on projects for SDFE, where we have had both the architectural role, but also joined a running project to assist in further development. In all cases, Laravel has proved an extremely valuable tool.