Kotlin for Android

Kotlin is a programming language with a mission to make developers happy which we think they do successfully. With Kotlin it is possible to write expressive code while having full compatibility with present Java-based technology stack. Kotlin is overall modern, safe, and concise which makes it easy for developers to create applications fast.

Functional and Modern Programming

It is very important for Kotlin to make developers happy which we think they have big success with. The fact that Kotlin is both secure, concise, and interoperable with many languages makes it a great programming language. There are generally many things that make programming in Kotlin a true pleasure. The navigation, refactoring, and static code analysis feature are some of the key factors that make Kotlin a great programming language. Kotlin is simply top-tier functional in our opinion.

Easy Way to Write Server-Side Applications

If you need to develop server-side application, we can recommend Kotlin. You can write concise code that is compatibility and interoperability with Java which is a huge benefit. It is easy to start with Kotlin especially if you are a Java developer. If you need help the automated Java-to-Kotlin is there to help you which is a great assistance if you ask us. It is also worth mentioning that Kotlin is supported in IntelliJ IDEA.

Share Code Between Mobile Platforms

With Kotlin you only need to use a single codebase for the business logic of your iOS and Android apps one time and that is in pure Kotlin which we think is excellent. It makes the process much more effective. The only time you need to write platform-specific codes is when you e.g., work with platform-specific APIs.

Kotlin makes it possible to share an existing project between multiple platforms. You don’t even have to go back to the drawing board which we think is something worth highlighting. You can simply just use the code you have written and modify it to be suitable with iOS. It is not only smart but also effective in our opinion.