GraphQL - fast and flexible API's

GraphQL is a tool to make APIs fast, flexible and friendly to developers. In our opinion it is an excellent query language for API’s which also contains a runtime for fulfilling those queries with the existing data.

With GraphQL you will get a very understandable description of the data in your API which gives clients opportunities to ask for what they need exactly which we find appealing and effective.

You will get exactly what you need

One of GraphQL’s biggest advantages is that you get exactly what you ask for. This means that the superfluous is cut off which we really like the idea of. This also means that it becomes easier to evolve API’s along the way and that is among other things why we find this tool so impressive.

When you send a GraphQL to your API you will only get what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. That makes it a very effective tool to use. When you first try it you will see how great and user-friendly it is.

Features where GraphQL stands out

As you probably are aware of now, we like GraphQL for many reasons. We like that it is a fast, flexible and user-friendly tool for developers. But we also like that it stands out in relation to some significant factors. You can among other things aggregate data from multiple UI components and create a representation of the data that seems natural which we find very useful.   

Why GraphQI is the future

It is a matter of course that GraphQL is the future of API’s if you ask us. It has been around for some years, but it is a tool that keeps gaining momentum and you will only see it more often as an alternative to traditional REST API’s in the future. It is a new and effective way of accessing data from an API which makes it an emergent tool.