Get your search on with Algolia

It remains crucial for brands to improve and optimize search on their websites if they don't want their conversion rate to drop. Customers are getting used to Google Search, which means that their expectations for websites with great and useful search functions are higher than ever. Luckily for you, we have partnered up with Algolia to help you create relevant, scalable, and fast search and user experiences for your customers. You’re welcome. 

Create search functions for web and mobile

Algolia is a hosted search engine, built to power the search of websites and mobile applications. It is helping brands around the world and across industries create better user experiences through relevant and fast search functions. Its impressive API lets you add search to all your platforms such as a website, mobile, or voice apps, and thereby create seamless and great user experiences. 

Relevant search enhances user experiences

When customers visit your website, they will more than often stop by with a purpose. And they don't want to spend hours – probably not even minutes – navigating through your website structure and categories. A search function or bar can help your customers quickly find whatever they are looking for by specifying keywords or phrases. And Algolia makes sure they're presented relevant information. Algolia does not rely only on the frequency of a specific keyword. Instead, it bases relevance on a set of default rules, such as the number of times the article has been read, shared, and liked. That's how Algolia creates value for your customers as they will get more relevant information.

 How to benefit from Algolia

Algolia comes with guides, thorough documentation, and an active community, making sure that you’ll gain the full potential of the search engine. We’re here to help you get started. Adapt has years of experience when it comes to implementing search into websites and apps. And we are experts when it comes to implementing Algolia as well. We will make sure that the system fits right into your brand’s needs, goals, and, of course, digital platform.

We can help you set up 

  • a search function: Help your customers find relevant information
  • an “explore” function: Expand the user experience by letting your customer explore your products catalog
  • an inspiration function: Surprise your customers with relevant and personalized recommendations