DatoCMS - headless, fast and flexible

DatoCMS is a headless CMS which is both user-friendly, simple, and complete. It is the CMS for modern web among online businesses to create content. That's why we are dedicated to this technology at Adapt.

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User-friendly and accessible

DatoCMS is a headless CMS where you keep everyone on the same page. It also means that you store everything in the same hub. That way you can edit and publish your content right away no matter where you are.

DatoCMS is simply a technology investment for the whole company, which we are very excited about because that way you have a CMS for developers, digital markets, and content editors. We like DatoCMS and we think your editors will too especially because of the user-friendly focus. 

CMS for Modern Web 

What makes DatoCMS so great is the fact that it is a cloud-base headless CMS. Headless CMS makes it possible to separate the content from the front-end and consists of one or more API’s. The back-end technology store and deliver content. We find this solution relevant for businesses among other things because it becomes easier to engage costumers at all stages of the customer journey. It will e.g., be easier to create a great shopping experience. 

We think headless CMS for modern web is an important step in the digital world because of the importance of digital maturity. That’s why we are very happy about the fact that headless CMS like DatoCMS becomes more and more mainstream. 

If you would like to hear more about a digital setip including DatoCms and how Adapt can help you with this feel free to reach out.

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