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Gear up with SPORTMASTER’s new omnichannel powerhouse

When we teamed up with SPORTMASTER in 2013, their ambition was clear: They wanted the best webshop in the country and a full omnichannel transition. Two years later, they won gold for best omnichannel business. Our collaboration has resulted in a distinctive digital portfolio delivering the customer experience one would expect from a sport retailer frontrunner like SPORTMASTER.



Client since: 2013

Company size: 1000+

Industry: Retail


Stratety, Web/App development, UX, Design

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The Client

For more than 40 years SPORTMASTER has been one of Denmark’s biggest sport retailers delivering gear to the active Danes. They proud themselves of being the Dane’s preferred sports chain in the country and employ more than 1000 workers across 75 physical stores nationwide, a comprehensive online universe which includes a store and a member’s club.

The Challenge

Retaining the position as one of the best and largest sport retailers in Denmark means constantly changing and improving for good, to deliver the best possible customer experience regardless of where customers come to purchase. The quality of service is everything, and that has to transcend both in their physical and online universe. SPORTMASTER needed a complete omnichannel transition with the best website and in-store experience for their customers to keep their position as the Danes favorite sports retailer.

The Solution

As part of SPORTMASTER’s new omnichannel strategy we developed SPORTMASTER 2.0 website and the In-store concept with a design that would accommodate both platforms and perform effortlessly during peak periods. Rather than separating the platforms, we designed the UX to give the users a feeling of tapping into one collective universe thereby presenting SPORTMASTER consistently and seamlessly across all platforms.


The SPORTMASTER 2.0 website is built on Drupal 7 and in React, to ensure great performance and to give users the app-feeling. This also enables immediate site response and updates. The site architecture is also designed to enable the editors to quickly create and update content in a flexible grid. 

Web UX

We have developed the UX in tandem for both the website and in-store concept. The result is a recognizable and interactive interface that allows for easy navigation which logically guides the user through the purchase-flow.


The design is created in a recognizable sporty style that visually reflects the physical stores and adapts well on both platforms. Design focus has been put on the purchase-flow to keep the experience flawless and easily guided through.


The In-store concept build is based on a series of 42” tablets and developed as a native app that accesses the entire SPORTMASTER product portfolio, as well as the local stores. The advantages with a native app build is the short loading times and ease of use which enhances the user experience for both customers and staff.

UX & Design

To add an interactive dimension to the shopping experience we designed the new In-store screens - matching the aesthetics and UX of both the website and physical store by giving all touchpoints the same recognisable interaction style.

iSport 2.0 in-store employee app

We refreshed the already existing in-store employee app iSport to iSport 2.0 with help from Adapt Lithuania. The app is operated by employees on tablets as a new soft POS.

Omnichannel has for many years been in our DNA at SPORTMASTER, and although we were frontrunners 6 years ago with our current tablet solution, it was in critical need for a complete makeover. Therefore it was an easy choice to partner up with Adapt on this project, considering their efficiency and its alignment with our daily Ecom development at Adapt.

Aleksander Nilsson, Head of Tech Development and Omnichannel, SPORTMASTER

The app is developed in Flutter, and unites in-store and online inventory which makes it possible for employees to check product availability in real-time via search or the in-built barcode scanner. We chose Flutter SDK as it makes layouting, UI building and coding easy and app performance is great even on older devices.

A nifty functionality is that customers are able to buy in-store and online products on the same purchase and payment can be made in-app which means customers save time by not having to wait in line and employees can operate more efficiently.

The Results

The key objective was to deliver on SPORTMASTER’s ambition to go full omnichannel and deliver the same great experience and quality of service across all customer engagements - digitally and physically. Time to gear up for your next sports adventure with SPORTMASTER’s new omnichannel powerhouse.