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Introducing an app fit for royalty

The Royal Danish Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater) has undergone an incredible transformation over the last 20 years with the addition of more scenes and a modern rebranding. We’ve teamed up with them to empower their theatre experiences with a show of mobile fit for royalty.


Client: Det Kongelige Teater

Client since: 2018

Company size: 700+

Industry: Entertainment


App development, UX, Design

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The Client

The Royal Danish Theatre has existed for more than 250 years and was created as the king’s theatre, but with public access. It’s the key stage situated in the heart of Copenhagen with performance in the disciplines of theatre, ballet, opera and concerts. It’s an artistic attraction captivating hundreds of thousands of international visitors every year. DKT also house their famous ballet school and opera academy. The theatre has undergone a massive transformation during the last 20 years with the addition of The Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse.

The Challenge

The Royal Danish Theatre had the desire to support the best-in-business theatre experience with a mobile solution that would create a much smoother and easier customer experience. They key requirement to the solution was that we had to take a customer-centric approach which would provide guests with all relevant information and actionable items needed for a great theatrical experience. Focus should be on the performance, the artistic entrainment one should enjoy and get carried away in - and managing all the practical stuff associated with going to the theatre should be as easy as reaching down your pocket.

The Solution

The Approach

Our dedicated team went through an extensive research phase to unravel the core characteristics of the Royal Danish Theatre’s identity, and if that self-perception were matched by their guests.

We interviewed both frequent and one-time guests to map out the functionalities required in the app that would give them the best possible experience with the theatre. The empiric approach gave us the data we needed to create a concept that unfolded the brand identity of the Danish Royal Theatre in a functional and practical app experience.

This project is a brilliant example of how we, with a thorough customer experience mapping, managed to develop a relatively simple service platform. A platform which has significantly improved the overall customer satisfaction for thousands of theatre guests.

Anders Skov Pape Creative Director, Adapt

The App

We’ve created an app that focuses on the experiences connected to the main performance itself. It helps guests with all practicalities such as important information on your booked performances, a wallet containing your tickets or seasonal card, and it also allows you to book and pay for your next performance on the go. Plenty of practical magic created to make a smooth and easy customer experience. The app climax can be found in the ability for guests to order refreshments in advance for the scheduled intermissions and breaks. How easy can it get? The app solution allows guests to give the performance itself their full attention and commitment leading to an overall much better customer experience. Enjoy the show!

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