A modular
eco(m)-system and flourishing gift universe

Interflora is Denmark’s leading flower delivery service.

We’ve worked with them since 2017, so trust us, when we say that these guys are all about creating a memorable and pleasant customer experience. Lucky for us, they invited us to take that trip with them and now we invite you to pluck the leaves and explore the wonderful gift universe that is Interflora

A user-centric ecommerce gift universe

Follow us where the wild roses grow and get the insights on how we joined forces with Interflora to construct a modular and performant gift universe evolving around a user-centric and personalised customer journey. Flowers may wither. Interflora’s digital setup won’t.

How we built Interflora’s

Modular order management system

Alongside Interflora, we pieced together the Interflora order handling system - IFOS - from an ecosystem of API-first and Cloud-native top tier microservices. Go explore the project here...


Together with Interflora, we constructed a modular API-first digital setup carried by carefully chosen best-of-breed microservices and payed off. The results where, in all humility, quite staggering.


Reduced load time
Increased basket size
Increased conversion rate

Interflora order handling system

Down time
Orders per minute on Mothers Day