Make a strategic roadmap and reach your web accessibility goals

We are experts within web accessibility and have helped a wide range of private companies and public institutions with web accessibility – both strategically and operational. Web accessibility is an interdisciplinary discipline, which doesn’t make it easy to asses, but none the less extremely important. It is crucial to have an overview of the work, a strategy, and a plan.

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility or digital accessibility is about designing and developing digital solutions that are accessible to everyone, regardless of disabilities. Cognitive, visual, motor – the list of disabilities is long and affects a lot of people. Statistically, 1 in 6 people will have severe difficulties using your website. 


How we work with web accessibility

We embrace the fact that working with web accessibility is an interdisciplinary operation. Whether we’re working on our own website or helping a client, we look at accessibility from every possible angle, drawing on all our digital expertise to find all web accessibility issues, and then we work out a roadmap for correcting them.


"We work with web accessibility in ways that don’t interfere with our clients’ current strategies. We make sure that all web accessibility work isn’t an obstacle but another step in creating solid and inclusive user experiences.”

Heidi Mønnike Jørgensen
UX Director

Make a roadmap and reach your goals

First, you must figure out what drives the process and what your overall goal is. Work out a review of your existing solution or prototype and identify gaps. Then make a roadmap and an action plan with a range of initiatives. Prioritize the focus areas based on value and complexity. 

Now you are ready to optimize or develop an accessible solution. Web accessibility is a continuous and ongoing process, which is why we recommend that you set up a range of tools and KPI’s. We can, of course, help you out with all it.

  1. Strategy
  2. Review & Status
  3. Roadmap & Action plan 
  4. Execution
  5. Measurement

A test-focused approach

We use a test-focused approach to ensure that even though we have our ideas and knowledge about accessibility, we’re always open to new knowledge and insights. We test in three stages: Automated, manual, and user testing. The first two are ongoing throughout all web accessibility projects, ensuring we cut as many accessibility issues as possible. But only 20-30 % of all issues can be found with automated testing. When it comes to web accessibility testing, you need to include and test on real users who use assistive tools in their everyday lives. 


Our web accessibility partners

We collaborate with many different providers of tools to help you along the way to better accessibility. Among these, Siteimprove stands out as a vital partner in pushing for better web accessibilities. Siteimprove offers incredible insights to web accessibility, along with tools that can help you to do hands-on optimization of your website. 

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