Designing a simple purchase-flow with conversational UI 

Tryg is, with its more than 3 million customers, the largest insurance company in Denmark, and their digital business is growing. We helped them develop an online version of their insurance packages with a distinct focus on the user experience of an otherwise very complex product.

The Purpose

Tryg wanted to give potential customers easier access to Tryg's products online, more specifically, their insurance packages. The insurance package is a combination of several products that enable the customers to bundle their insurances, and get discounts. The simplicity of the product wasn’t clear in the original digital version, which meant that from the outset we wanted to focus on breaking down complexity, creating a positive and easy-to-understand user experience.


It was a huge challenge to build a dynamic purchase flow, where one of the requirements was that Tryg themselves would be able to control all elements of the flow including fields, API calls, steps, etc. In addition, we also had a very tight deadline. But the team was dedicated and worked hard from day one, and I'm very proud that we reached the finish line on time with a truly productive product.

Christian Esbensen
Developer, Adapt

The Approach

The main task was to create a more simple and understandable purchase flow that would also play into Tryg's visual universe. Conversational design became the framework for the new purchase flow, where users are asked questions that guide them step-by-step throughout the process. In this process, we carefully cleared up Tryg data and designed a solution that fits most of Denmark's population. In fact, we managed to reduce and streamline the purchase flow from the original 32 steps to mere 8 steps in total - quite a feat.

The Solution

Tryg now has a foundation to sell all their insurance online and started with the most complex of them. They have a simple and understandable purchase flow in React, which enables potential customers to help themselves online. This means they have an easily accessible purchase flow online, which has also meant reduced calls to customer service.


Our close collaboration with Adapt meant that there was a clear division of roles from the start. This gave us the opportunity for quick execution, which was our wish from the start. We are very pleased with the result and highly recommend Adapt as a digital partner. 

Jens Petersen 
Online Chef, Tryg