WordPress - Plug and play for mid-range businesses

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms in the world, and with a plethora of plugins, WordPress can be used for almost anything. We have developed solutions for many different industries, and based on our experience with process we have insights into exactly what WordPress can and can’t do - and we’ve helped our customers make decisions based on our insights into the digital market.

Simple to use - easy to make unique

WordPress is the ideal solution for medium-sized businesses looking for a platform they can make their own. It can be customized with thousands of plugins, and with WooCommerce you get the e-commerce platform used by 30% of all online stores. Simple to use and easy to make unique.

Benefits of Wordpress

  • The most popular CMS - used by 25% of all platforms in the world
  • Large amount of "out of the box" functionality that works without setup
  • Easy to customize
  • Suitable for easy integration
  • User-friendly and accessible editorial experience


Moët Hennesy, a French multinational organization distributing luxury goods to the whole world, has developed their Nordic website on the Wordpress platform. A Nordic website, which professionally presents all their luxury brands, and serves as an information channel for the Nordic offices.

Want to know more about Wordpress?

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