Tracking and Tag management

How will you communicate relevantly and personalized to consumers without being able to segment based on onsite behaviors? A flawless tracking setup is an absolute must for all websites. Tracking how users enter your website, how they interact with the site, and where they drop off is of huge importance when optimizing your website, and when analyzing your company’s performance.

What do you get from tracking and tag management with us?


Beyond best practice tracking

When we work with your tracking we first make an effort to understand your platform, your customers and what actions performed by your customers are most critical to your business. We discuss your marketing activities in order to understand what marketing tools you are using and how you are using them. Using this information we create a robust tracking setup that is scalable.

All our tracking efforts are done according to our best practice guidelines. This includes creating data views according to the business needs, IP exclusion, setting up funnels, site search, integrations to Adwords and other systems, setting up Google Search Console, tracking 404 pages and much more.

Tag management made easy

Google tag manager or similar tools are an important aspect of our tracking setups as they reduce time implementing lots of tracking scripts, making it easier to implement tracking for new tools at a later stage. A tag manager also ensures that the company always has an overview of all tracking and is able to delete tracking quickly, as it is all done through the tag manager interface.

Adapt always does tracking implementation that harms load speed as little as possible. After completing a tracking setup we can help set up actionable dashboards in e.g. Google data studio.

Clients we have done Tracking and Tag management for


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Philip Arnaa
Director of Client Services