Optimize your website with a think-aloud test

We test to eliminate guesswork. We base everything we build on user experiences and we select users who match your target audience to test real products. We note everything they do and say to get as detailed a result as possible. The only way to test is to make the situation as real as possible, in order to get the human approach to the product.

Get an overview with a think-aloud test

At Adapt we perform think-aloud tests to get both an overview of which functionalities that give the users difficulties, and which can be used without problems. The think-aloud test provides a basis for evaluating the website's user-friendliness.

Benefits of a think-aloud test

  • Understanding the thoughts of the users makes it possible to pinpoint potential problems in the design, as well as understanding the reasons behind them
  • The think-aloud test provides unique insights into the users’ expectations, behaviors, and preferences in specific situations.
  • The think-aloud test's more intimate form makes it possible to gather large amounts of information from a few users.
  • The think-aloud test's method can help users to focus on specific features such as icons, menu, call to action buttons or the like.
  • The think-aloud test's method can also be used to measure more objective criteria such as the number of errors and misunderstandings per user in the interaction with a particular functionality. 

How the think-aloud test works

A think-aloud test is where users individually express their thoughts as they move around a site. At Adapt, we film the think-aloud test, and as it usually seems unusual for users to think aloud, Nanna, our usability consultant, creates a relaxed atmosphere. The think-aloud test lasts anywhere from 45-90 min. Below you can see an excerpt of how such a test takes place.


Respondents are enough to get meaningful results


Hour preparation


Hour pr. test


At CBB Mobil involving our customers in our development projects is essential. By combining Adapt’s expertise and professional facilities we have gotten great value in short time, in a smooth collaboration.

Søren Svendsen
Head of Customer Experience & Digitalization, CBB

Clients we've made think-aloud tests for

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We’ve conducted more than 1000 think-aloud tests for our clients, creating immense value for their business. So, let’s get in touch, and explore how we can help you.